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Why Printing Material?

Brochure Printing
  1. Digital Proof Submission:

    • You share your digital proof or design files through mail.
    • Ensure that your design meets our specifications for a smooth printing process.
  2. File Review and Proofing:

    • Our team reviews the submitted files to check for any issues.
    • We provide a digital proof for your approval before proceeding with printing.
    • You have the opportunity to review and request changes if needed.
  3. Approval and Confirmation:

    • Once you’re satisfied with the digital proof, you provide approval for printing.
    • Confirmation includes details such as paper type, coating, binding, and quantity.
  4. Quality Assurance:

    • Rigorous quality checks are conducted to ensure the final product meets your expectations.
    • Color accuracy, paper quality, and overall print quality are assessed.
  5.  Shrink Wrapping (Optional):

    • If you opt for shrink wrapping, we carefully wrap your booklets with a string for an elegant and secure presentation.
    • This adds a touch of sophistication and protects the booklets during shipping.
  6. Packaging:

    • Your booklets are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transit.
    • Protective packaging materials are used to ensure safe delivery.
  7. All Over India Shipment:

    • We offer nationwide shipment services, ensuring your booklets reach you wherever you are in India.
    • Our logistics partners are chosen for their reliability and efficiency.
  8. Cost-Effective Shipping:

    • Benefit from our cost-effective shipping solutions to make the delivery process budget-friendly for you.
    • Track your shipment in real-time for added convenience.
  9. Customer Support:

    • Our customer support team is available to address any queries or concerns throughout the process.
    • Your satisfaction is our priorit

Book Binding at Discounted Price

Saddle-Stitch Binding: A classic choice for booklets and brochures, saddle-stitch binding involves stapling the spine for a clean and professional finish.

Perfect Binding: For a polished look, choose perfect binding. Ideal for thicker publications, this method glues the pages to a sturdy cover, providing a sleek appearance.


Hardcover Binding: Make a lasting impression with hardcover binding. Suitable for premium projects, hardcovers offer durability and a sophisticated aesthetic.

Spiral Binding: Opt for spiral binding for a flexible and durable solution. Perfect for notebooks and manuals, it allows easy page-turning and lays flat when opened.

Papers we use

Glossy Paper:

    • Characteristics: Shiny surface with high reflectivity.
    • Preference: Perfect for vibrant colors, graphics, and photographs.
    • Suitable For: Booklets requiring a visually striking impact, especially those with vivid images and graphics.
Brochure Printing

Matte Paper:

  • Characteristics: Smooth with a non-reflective surface.
  • Preference: Ideal for muted color palettes, large amounts of text, and pastel colors.
  • Suitable For: Booklets related to weddings, documents with a softer color scheme, and a sophisticated finish.

Uncoated Paper:

  • Characteristics: Plain, akin to copy paper.
  • Preference: Chosen for a straightforward, no-frills feel.
  • Suitable For: Newsletters, manuals, and brochures where a simple, approachable touch is desired.

Upto 20% Lower than Market Price

📜 Paper GSM for Booklets:

  • 🌟 80-120 GSM:

    • Light & Flexible for higher page count booklets.
  • 🌈 150-200 GSM:

    • Balanced weight for standard booklets.
  • 💪 250 GSM and Above:

    • Premium, durable option for covers and luxurious finishes.

📘 Outer Cover GSM:

  • 🌟 200-250 GSM:

    • Mid-range for a balance of flexibility and durability.
  • 🚀 300-350 GSM:

    • Heavier weight for increased durability.
  • 🌟 400 GSM and Above:

    • Maximum durability and premium tactile experience.
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Printing Material

Printing Material