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Explore Brochure Types

1. Gate-Fold Brochures: Uniquely impactful with a foldable internal design, our gate-fold brochures boast high-quality paper, ensuring a lasting impression.

2. Bi-Fold Brochures: A versatile and popular option for catalogs, product presentations, and corporate events, the bi-fold brochure exudes a formal yet engaging layout.

3. Tri-Fold Brochures: Instantly recognizable, the tri-fold brochure provides ample space for captivating designs and information, making it a common sight at various events.

4. Z-Fold Brochures: Embrace versatility with the Z-fold, offering multiple design possibilities. Each panel can be a canvas for creativity or unfold to showcase a captivating full-screen image.

At Printsquare, we stand by you at every step, ensuring a hassle-free journey from order placement to delivery. Our dedicated team is committed to providing unparalleled support throughout the entire process.

Why Choose Printing Material?

📌 Comprehensive Assistance: We assist you at every moment, making your printing experience effortless.

🛠️ File Proofing Services: Our print experts meticulously proof your files to ensure a flawless end product.

📬 Continuous Tracking: Stay informed at all times with our continuous delivery notifications, keeping you in the loop from start to finish.

📘 Specialized Support: Our professional handling services extend to product and delivery issues, providing you with the best solutions.

Our Special Services Include:

Layout Guide/Tutorial: Access helpful resources to create the perfect layout for your printing project.

🔍 File Proofing Service: Ensure the accuracy of your files with our meticulous proofing service.

🚚 Continuous Delivery Notifications: Stay updated with the latest shipping information through our continuous tracking services.

🤝 Professional Issue Handling: Trust our team to address any product or delivery issues promptly and professionally.

Printing Material is not just a printing service; it’s your reliable partner in bringing your projects to life. Enjoy peace of mind and exceptional service with every print. Create your brochure instantly with Printing Material!

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Type of binding we offer

Saddle-Stitch Binding: A classic choice for booklets and brochures, saddle-stitch binding involves stapling the spine for a clean and professional finish.

Perfect Binding: For a polished look, choose perfect binding. Ideal for thicker publications, this method glues the pages to a sturdy cover, providing a sleek appearance.

Hardcover Binding: Make a lasting impression with hardcover binding. Suitable for premium projects, hardcovers offer durability and a sophisticated aesthetic.

Spiral Binding: Opt for spiral binding for a flexible and durable solution. Perfect for notebooks and manuals, it allows easy page-turning and lays flat when opened.

Save upto 50% on binding and printing

📘 100 GSM: A versatile option offering a balance between affordability and durability for standard brochures.

📄 120 GSM: Adds a bit more substance, making it ideal for brochures that need a sturdier feel.

📑 150 GSM: Provides a more substantial weight, giving a premium feel without being too heavy.

📔 170 GSM: A heavier option for a more robust brochure, suitable for high-quality presentations.

📃 200 GSM: Offers durability and a substantial feel, making it perfect for impactful brochures.

📖 250 GSM: A thick and sturdy option, providing a luxurious and premium finish.

📚 300 GSM: The heavyweight choice for a truly premium, durable, and impressive brochure.

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