Unlocking the Potential of Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom Boxes, a versatile material, finds its place in a myriad of products across diverse industries. The choice of paperboard grade is tailored to the unique needs and specifications of each product. Explore the expansive range of applications where paperboard proves its mettle:

  • Medical Packaging: Ensuring the safety and integrity of medical supplies.
  • Hot and Cold Paper Cups: Combining practicality with sustainability.
  • Milk and Juice Gable Top Cartons: A reliable and eco-friendly choice for liquid packaging.
  • Aseptic Drink Boxes: Keeping beverages fresh and convenient.
  • Cosmetic and Perfume Packaging: Elevating the presentation of beauty products.
  • Frozen Food Packaging: Preserving quality and flavor with efficiency.
  • Candy Boxes: A delightful blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  • Stand-Up Displays: Catching the eye with sturdy and eye-catching displays.
packaging boxes
Gift Boxes

Gift Box

Elevate gifting experience with cardboard, kapa, and corrugated boxes, featuring digital and UV prints for vibrant customization and sustainable, stylish options.

Cosmetic box

Cosmetic Box

Printing Material cosmetic box manufacturing merges cutting-edge techniques with premium printing materials. Our vibrant digital prints and sophisticated UV finishes bring a personalized touch to each box

Medicine Box

Medicine Box

Printing Material excels as the premier manufacturer of medicine boxes, seamlessly managing the entire process in-house—from innovative design to meticulous manufacturing

Food Box

Food Box

Discover unbeatable value with Printing Material’s budget-friendly food packaging boxes. Elevate your brand without breaking the bank—quality packaging at an incredibly affordable price.


Frequently Asked Questions – Elevate Your Printing Material Experience

1. Do your cartons have an auto-lock feature?
  • Yes, all our paperboard boxes feature auto-lock/crash bottoms. No special assembly is required; just fold them open and place your product inside. Tops can be either straight tuck or reverse tuck, depending on your artwork orientation.
2. What types of laminate options are there?
  • Choose from six laminates: gloss, matte, soft touch matte, holographic, linen, and leather. Gloss adds a bright, reflective look, matte provides a non-glare, scuff-proof finish, and holographic adds an iridescent rainbow shimmer. Linen and leather laminates offer texture, adding rusticity and style.
3. What are the sizing options?
  • Custom product cartons can be produced in half or one-inch increments. The minimum dimension for any one side is 1.5 inches, with a maximum height of 9 inches.
4. What is your turnaround time?
  • Our standard processing time is four to five business days. For faster service, choose our guaranteed two-day expedited option. We pride ourselves on printing custom folding cartons quickly.
5. Can you provide design help?
  • Absolutely! Whether you need adjustments to your design or an entirely new one, our experienced team can assist. We offer professional design services for a fee, answer questions about file preparation, and provide valuable feedback on your designs.
6. Can you print samples of my folding carton?
  • Certainly! In addition to digital proofs, we offer printed samples of custom cartons. Contact our Customer Care Team to arrange a printed sample. While not die-cut or folded, printed samples showcase your chosen material and finish combination.
7. Can you help me place an order?
  • Yes! Our Customer Care Team is ready to guide you through the order process or place the order for you. Give us a call at +91-93543-55-871, and we’ll ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

Experience excellence in custom printing materials with Printing Material. Have more questions? Contact our Customer Care Team for personalized assistance.

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